Jeff and I met in the summer of 1987 (He says '88, but hey, I'm writing this!) after a long hot day of riding cycles through the twisty roads of New Hampshire.  We were in two separate groups of Boston's first real motorcycle club for gay men, called Riders MC.  We ended the day on a windy dirt road in the middle on nowhere, where we were to be invited skinny dipping by a group of gay men who had a lakeside camp.  When invited to skinny dip, Jeff was the only one to raise his hand and took off running.  I was right behind him, and ever since we've been chasing each other through one great adventure after another! 

Currently we live in San Francisco. We moved here in the spring of 2003 after a 2 year assignment with my company in Hong Kong.  While in H.K., Jeff worked in H.R.- he managed Joe, our much loved helper who we miss dearly! Prior to that, we lived in the Boston area. Jeff grew up in Peabody, and I came from a little town north of Albany N.Y. called Ballston Lake.  - Peter

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Jeff and I PAC Bel Park, Spring 2004

At Fort Funston Beach Summer 2003

Corona Heights, San Francisco - Our Home