Eve, Amy, and Jeff in Chicago

Some SF friends, first off our neighbor Jim, up with Jeff and I in Stinson Beach.


Jeff and Jim, along with Jim's baby Maggie...with Rush and L..

Brunch before the Dore Alley Fair. (Lee, Casey, Gary)


Pete Tuna fishing with long time friends, MV Summer 2003

Keith & Karen. Friendship doesn't get much better than these two!

Lizzy (a.k.a. Woman), Booby, Jeff and Patty, P'Town, summer 03.



Another priceless moment courtesy of Veltins...


Mr. Krevy, a.k.a. Josh who visited us in H.K. X'mas 2002


James-O and Pete at the controls...


Barb & Jeff on Macondry Lane, setting of Tales of the City. It's all her fault that we live in SF!!

Breakfast in Bangkok with David, the day after Thanksgiving, 2002


"What you lookin' at?"

Mr. Bruce and Adam at the Tyngsboro compound

Josh's Dad Bob and Pete at Josh's going away party

Meghan and Jeff Summer 2002!

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