What's New?

Updated May 12, 2008 

Once a year for updates is good, no?  We are really not much more interesting than that you know...

Yummy Toes!
Jeff and Camden, ain't those little toes good or what!!!!

Jeff giving Camden a smooch!

Entertaining new friends from Ghent Belgium, Peter and Karl. Jeff met them at Hearst Castle.

How San Francisco gets the homeless people out of the park.  Really.  No, I mean that, this is true.

I put new floors in the dining room, white-washed ash, just like an old Telecaster.  They really look great, good job Pete!

Jeff went to Australia for the last 2 weeks of June 2007, this is "The 12 Apostles," in Port Cambell, Australia. 

Khai, Jeff, and George, I think Khai is throwing a gang symbol???

Pete built a new tube guitar amp, a re-creation of the old 1950's Marshall JTM-45.  Wall of Sound part II!  The best part is that it's purple.

The new living room paint, not done by me, done by our friend Johann.  (www.johannfitzgerald.com)


The back deck in the twilight, finally done, it nearly killed me!

New Z-Bars went on my scooter, as well as the silver sparkle seat, sweet!

Sundays afternoons mean Beer-Bust at the Eagle Tavern!

More of this coming, the 2007 California Hillbilly Tour!